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The Nail Polish Funeral Jan. 2017

January 2nd, 2017 a day of tragic loss.

Ok, now its story time, once upon a time my sister asked me to paint her nails. She picks one of my favorites blues off the rack. I file, trim and apply a base coat, I reach over for the nail polish. I tap it on my palm a few times like I do before opening every bottle and The paint is thick like one of those weird whipped yogurt things. I toss some thinner in it and shake it back up thinking nothing of it. It looks fine so I go on and finish her nails. Before I apply the top coat I have her sit with the heater for a solid 10 minutes mostly because I was busy choosing my color for that day. I take out my favorite glossy top coat and put it on her nails. She again sits for 10ish minutes while I remove my current nail polish. I go to check on he nails and when I touch the polish its all thick again. I didn’t check it before the to coat because I wasn’t paying attention. Then I started to get worried and it turns out nail polish can expire! I think back I had gotten it probably 15 months ago. The date on the back says it usually lasts 1 year. After an hour or so of testing It turns out most of my nail polish was no good. I had to throw so many away and now me and my sister joke about that day referring to is as the nail polish funeral.



15 year old nail artist training to be a doctor.

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