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What and Where Not to Buy!

After a trip to the dollar store I started to wonder does price really affect the products all that much? So I purchased 6 different polished as a test and used some of my favorites. Obviously the dollar store product was a complete fail chipped within the first few hours and was very opaque. I then tested Sally Hansen Hard as Nails a brand you can find at places like CVS or Walgreen for roughly $4. They did last for a longer amount of time however by day 2 there was chips but overall very good. The most expensive product was Essie. This ranges from $8-12 depending on the product. It definitely was much more pigmented than the other two however there wasn’t a WOW difference between this and Sally Hansen. Was Essie better, yes but there was not a $5 difference between the products.

Notes for The Future:

Never buy nail polish for $1

All nail polish chips when it comes to me

Nail polish only lasts for so long

Worst brands (in my opinion) – Wet And Wild, Sally Girl





15 year old nail artist training to be a doctor.

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