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Stained Glass Gradient 

I used the following polishes however these are interchangeable:

  • Shany Neon Yellow
  • Essie Hide & Go Chic
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails White On
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black Out
  • Kiss Gloss Top Coat
  • Elf Matte Finisher
  • LA Colors Art Deco Black
  1. First, you must prep your nails if you want to see my nail prep routine click here
  2. Apply as base coat of white on your ring finger and a first coat of black to the other fingers.


3. After allowing your polish to dry apply another coat of black polish to the fingers, then allow those to dry.

4. Taking a makeup sponge with the neon yellow and blue make a gradient on top of the white base on your ring finger. This may take multiple coats.


5. Then take a cleanup brush to wipe away the polish around the ring finger nail.

6. Take your matte top coat/finisher and apply it to all of the black nails. And take the gloss top coat and apply it to the gradient finger and let it dry.

7. Take your black deco brush or striping brush and make shapes similar to stained glass on the ring finger.


8. After allowing this to dry put a matte coat on the ring finger and allow to dry

9. Give the final coat some time to dry, I usually wait 10-15 min. before using my hands again.


This is the final product check out other photos in the Nail Art Gallery




15 year old nail artist training to be a doctor.

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