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Brand Name vs $1 from China

I recently became obsessed with this website called, now on this website, most of the products are cheap since they come from places like China and Japan where it costs virtually nothing to make and buy products. I had gotten a nice set of Twinkled T nail art brushes for Christmas. I decided that to test the new cheaper brushes I would compare the two sets. Now there is a vast difference especially since I got 7 Twinkled T brushes and 20 of the no name brushes so here are the results. I picked brushes that best resembled each other

The first brush / tool is the thin dotting tool. The no name had a total of 6 dotting tools and the twinkled T set came with only one. In the picture below is the two tools side by side. I used multiple polishes to create basic dots on my Twinkled T nail mat and these are the results. The pink is Twinkled T, the white is the No Name.


Next up is the fan brushes. I did not get a picture of the two brushes side by side however, the no name was thicker leading to better results however, to be fair the Twinkled T brush has been used before and MOST newer products work better. On the top is Twinkled T and the bottom is the no name. All the same, polishes were used on both.img_3228

Next up is the flatter wider brushes from each set. *Note: I don’t know if these have names so I’m sorry if the descriptions make me seem dumb* The name bu=rush was slightly smaller and had a more rounded top but was the most comparable to the Twinkled T brush. I didn’t really use great polishes with this one so its harder to tell. The Twinkled T brush provided more of an even coat compared to the no name and looks much neater. The twinkled T is on top and no name on the bottom.


Next brush is very similar however they both are slightly longer and rounded at the tip. I tried to do two basic lines, one thicker and one thinner. The Twinkled T brush is able o pick up more polish and apply it more smoothly making this brush better.The no named brush still does a decent job, however, in my opinion, the Twinkled T won this. The top brush is the no named brush and the bottom is Twinkled T.


Next is the small thin striping brush. Although I do prefer the longer thinner brushes these two still can complete the job successfully. The polishes I used for these brushes were very cheap which definitely affected the outcome. The newer no-name brush applied a more smooth line than the Twinkled T, however again the Twinkled T brush has been used previously which could has affected it. The top is the no name and the bottom is Twinkled T.

img_3236 \

The final brush is a brush mainly used to make smaller details in one’s nail art design. The brushes themselves were much smaller than my liking but I was able to make a few little designs. (Showed in Picture Below). The bristles on the Twinkled T brush are curved and not as nice as the no name. I have noticed that most of the Twinkled T brushes need special cleaning after use to keep them in good shape, unlike the no name brushes. The Twinkled T brushes worked better with the polishes except for the gel yellow polish. The no name white brush made designs much easier than with the Twinkled T.  The white no name brush is on top the Twinkled T is on the bottom


I hope you guys liked this review and comparison of my two brush sets. I will try to be more active on here. Be sure to check out our Instagram @thepretendnailartist and comment if you think we should get a youtube and start doing tutorials. BTW I will not be posting my own nails for the next week or so because I’m trying to revive my nails and they broke again, but hopefully, my sister will be willing!



15 year old nail artist training to be a doctor.

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