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Brand Name vs $1 from China

I recently became obsessed with this website called, now on this website, most of the products are cheap since they come from places like China and Japan where it costs virtually nothing to make and buy products. I had gotten a nice set of Twinkled T nail art brushes for Christmas. I decided that to test the new cheaper brushes I would compare the two sets. Now there is a vast difference especially since I got 7 Twinkled T brushes and 20 of the no name brushes so here are the results. I picked brushes that best resembled each other

The first brush / tool is the thin dotting tool. The no name had a total of 6 dotting tools and the twinkled T set came with only one. In the picture below is the two tools side by side. I used multiple polishes to create basic dots on my Twinkled T nail mat and these are the results. The pink is Twinkled T, the white is the No Name.


Next up is the fan brushes. I did not get a picture of the two brushes side by side however, the no name was thicker leading to better results however, to be fair the Twinkled T brush has been used before and MOST newer products work better. On the top is Twinkled T and the bottom is the no name. All the same, polishes were used on both.img_3228

Next up is the flatter wider brushes from each set. *Note: I don’t know if these have names so I’m sorry if the descriptions make me seem dumb* The name bu=rush was slightly smaller and had a more rounded top but was the most comparable to the Twinkled T brush. I didn’t really use great polishes with this one so its harder to tell. The Twinkled T brush provided more of an even coat compared to the no name and looks much neater. The twinkled T is on top and no name on the bottom.


Next brush is very similar however they both are slightly longer and rounded at the tip. I tried to do two basic lines, one thicker and one thinner. The Twinkled T brush is able o pick up more polish and apply it more smoothly making this brush better.The no named brush still does a decent job, however, in my opinion, the Twinkled T won this. The top brush is the no named brush and the bottom is Twinkled T.


Next is the small thin striping brush. Although I do prefer the longer thinner brushes these two still can complete the job successfully. The polishes I used for these brushes were very cheap which definitely affected the outcome. The newer no-name brush applied a more smooth line than the Twinkled T, however again the Twinkled T brush has been used previously which could has affected it. The top is the no name and the bottom is Twinkled T.

img_3236 \

The final brush is a brush mainly used to make smaller details in one’s nail art design. The brushes themselves were much smaller than my liking but I was able to make a few little designs. (Showed in Picture Below). The bristles on the Twinkled T brush are curved and not as nice as the no name. I have noticed that most of the Twinkled T brushes need special cleaning after use to keep them in good shape, unlike the no name brushes. The Twinkled T brushes worked better with the polishes except for the gel yellow polish. The no name white brush made designs much easier than with the Twinkled T.  The white no name brush is on top the Twinkled T is on the bottom


I hope you guys liked this review and comparison of my two brush sets. I will try to be more active on here. Be sure to check out our Instagram @thepretendnailartist and comment if you think we should get a youtube and start doing tutorials. BTW I will not be posting my own nails for the next week or so because I’m trying to revive my nails and they broke again, but hopefully, my sister will be willing!

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Stained Glass Gradient 

I used the following polishes however these are interchangeable:

  • Shany Neon Yellow
  • Essie Hide & Go Chic
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails White On
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black Out
  • Kiss Gloss Top Coat
  • Elf Matte Finisher
  • LA Colors Art Deco Black
  1. First, you must prep your nails if you want to see my nail prep routine click here
  2. Apply as base coat of white on your ring finger and a first coat of black to the other fingers.


3. After allowing your polish to dry apply another coat of black polish to the fingers, then allow those to dry.

4. Taking a makeup sponge with the neon yellow and blue make a gradient on top of the white base on your ring finger. This may take multiple coats.


5. Then take a cleanup brush to wipe away the polish around the ring finger nail.

6. Take your matte top coat/finisher and apply it to all of the black nails. And take the gloss top coat and apply it to the gradient finger and let it dry.

7. Take your black deco brush or striping brush and make shapes similar to stained glass on the ring finger.


8. After allowing this to dry put a matte coat on the ring finger and allow to dry

9. Give the final coat some time to dry, I usually wait 10-15 min. before using my hands again.


This is the final product check out other photos in the Nail Art Gallery


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How to Get Stronger Healthier Nails

For most people like myself running on a packed schedule and never being prepared can really destroy your nails. I do try very hard to keep my nails healthy so here are 9 tricks to keep your nails picture perfect.

*Note: I am not a professional, I am not a doctor, I do not study this, these are things I have picked up over the years*

  1. Keep yourself hydrated – Your nails can dry out very easily and if you are not properly hydrated your nails will become dry and break very easily.
  2. Try not to cut them – Although it can be very annoying and tedious filing your nails is better than using the nail clippers.
  3. Use essential oils for stronger nails – Oils such as lavender, frankincense, and lemon oil make nails more hydrated and stronger!
  4. Yellow nails are okay – If you are a frequent nail painter, much like myself you will eventually notice a yellow tint to your nails, it is normal do not worry!
  5. Eat healthy – Things like vitamins A,B,E are good for strengthening nails. Calcium, biotin, and zinc also are very good for your nails.
  6. Wear Dish Gloves – Frequent soaking hands in hot soapy water makes them prone to weakening.
  7. Don’t let them get too long – Although it’s easier to paint and looks nicer if they split, peel or break you are more likely to get an infection.
  8. Don’t cut your cuticles – Cutting your cuticles breaks the seal between your nail and skin which allows more bacteria to get in, If your want better cuticles its best to push them back!
  9. Always use a base coat – Although it’s a pain nail polish can stain your nails and using a base coat makes the polish look better anyway.
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My Nail Prep Routine

Materials Used:

  • Alcohol pads
  • Lavender oil
  • Almond oil cuticle pen
  • Jamberry cuticle pusher
  • Jamberry nail buffer
  • Cotton swab
  • Nail polish remover
  • Sally Hansen Double Duty base coat

This is the routine I do every time before I apply polish to my nails. Certain materials can vary but this is very useful none the less. First I remove any polish that was previously on the nail. After that, I use an alcohol pad to wipe off anything that could have been left on my nail. I then apply the almond oil to my cuticles. After 30 seconds I push them back and use the other side of the alcohol pad to wipe away any extra oil. I then take my nail buffer and remove any deadness from my nails. I then take another alcohol pad to wipe away the deadness. I then take a cotton swab and dip the end in my sleep oil. This oil contains lavender and frankincense oil which are both good for your nails! Both oils are used to strengthen your nails and help to stimulate nail growth as well as they help to remove any germs stuck to your nails. After leaving the oil to soak in for 2 minutes I wash my hands with soap and water. Making sure that my hands are 100% dry I then return to my nail station. I then take my glass file to file my nails into the shape I want before applying a base coat to my nails and let them sit under the nail dryer for 1-2 minutes. After this, I am ready to re-paint my nails!

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Tutorial tonight?

Hey nail addicts and other people on the blog! Tonight at 4:00 pm EST I will be posting a nail art tutorial and adding more pictures to the Nail Art Gallery so be ready and I hope you enjoy. Also at some point this weekend I will hopefully be getting social media for this blog. (Note: Please do not request to follow my personal account it is friends and family only)

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The Nail Polish Funeral Jan. 2017

January 2nd, 2017 a day of tragic loss.

Ok, now its story time, once upon a time my sister asked me to paint her nails. She picks one of my favorites blues off the rack. I file, trim and apply a base coat, I reach over for the nail polish. I tap it on my palm a few times like I do before opening every bottle and The paint is thick like one of those weird whipped yogurt things. I toss some thinner in it and shake it back up thinking nothing of it. It looks fine so I go on and finish her nails. Before I apply the top coat I have her sit with the heater for a solid 10 minutes mostly because I was busy choosing my color for that day. I take out my favorite glossy top coat and put it on her nails. She again sits for 10ish minutes while I remove my current nail polish. I go to check on he nails and when I touch the polish its all thick again. I didn’t check it before the to coat because I wasn’t paying attention. Then I started to get worried and it turns out nail polish can expire! I think back I had gotten it probably 15 months ago. The date on the back says it usually lasts 1 year. After an hour or so of testing It turns out most of my nail polish was no good. I had to throw so many away and now me and my sister joke about that day referring to is as the nail polish funeral.

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My Collection & Favortites

As of December 27th 2016 I had roughly 100 bottles of nail polish. This collection had a wide variety of colors and brands. However due to the nail polish funeral of Jan. 2017 I am down to maybe 60-70 bottles. (Read More Here). My current collection consists of mainly 3 brands Essie, Sally Hansen and LA Colors. Again I am on a budget so I don’t have the most high end products. My current base coat was a quick cheap one I got at CVS for roughly $5 and my top coat varies but never cost more than $8 if I myself purchased it. Below is a list of my current favorites and most used…

  • Base Coat: Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat
  • Top Coat: Essie Good to Go
  • Current Top 3 colors:
    • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Dig Fig
    • Essie Starry Starry Night
    • LA Colors Color Last Happiness
  • Current Brush Set: Twinkled T Bubble Yum 7 pc Nail Brush Set
  • Clean Up Brush: Twinkled T Kolinsky Professional Nail Cleaning Brush Size #2
  • See Full Supply List Here